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EKFZ Lecture with Dr. Kristin Reiche

13 July 2023

BCUBE | Tatzberg 41 | 01307 Dresden

Speaker invited by Prof. Jakob N. Kather

Portrait Kristin Reiche

Dr. Kristin Reiche
Head of Bioinformatics Unit & RIBOLUTION Biomarker Center
Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology

Examples and Strategies for unlocking the potential of advanced molecular diagnostic tools

Despite a growing number of treatment options, the therapeutic situation for complex diseases like cancer or autoimmune diseases is often unsatisfactory. Personalized medicine can bring fundamental progress through a therapy selection individually adapted to the patient. Omic-wide and multi-modal diagnostic procedures are powerful tools to characterise markers at the single cell level or spatially resolved in close proximity to surrounding tissue.

All these methods result in large datasets of high dimensionality. Combined with clinical follow-up data and machine learning, these datasets allow tailored therapy choices. With continuous advancements of omic-wide technologies, we expect an increased use in diagnostics and clinical studies. Hence, new strategies are required for successful implementation of advanced molecular diagnostic (MolDx) tools.

With examples from oncology and immuno-oncology, I will provide insights into perspectives of the wet-lab, dry-lab and regulatory requirements to unlock the full potential of advanced MolDx tools.

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