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01 June 2024
- 02 June 2024

Deutsche Telekom MMS GmbH, Standort Dresden

Call for aspiring minds in Computer Science, Medicine, and Medical Technology

Are you interested in medical technology and in working in small interdisciplinary groups on relevant clinical problems? Our Innovative-a-thon – the MedTech hackathon – is right for you.

In small interdisciplinary groups, you will meet students from different backgrounds, discuss the challenges, work together with medical experts and come up with creative and innovative solutions. You will spend the weekend tackling one of the following problems together with experts from the research groups:

Basic Coding and programming skills would be great, but they are not necessary. We are looking for people with a keen interest in thinking out of the box and finding creative solutions. This weekend serves as your incubator for creativity and innovation, providing a platform for you to not only address clinical relevant issues but also network with fellow talents and medical professionals.

After the event, you will be able to improve your results before submitting them on July 15. All submitted solutions will be juged by panel of experts. The Telekom MMS is sponsoring prize money for the first three places in the form of Amazon vouchers worth up to €1.000.

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