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Summer School | AI in medicine

19 August 2024
- 23 August 2024


Discover the intersection of AI and medicine in our one-week intensive summer school.

Designed for young medical professionals and PhD students, we explore transformative sectors such as radiology, pathology, and precision medicine, emphasizing how AI is revolutionizing these areas.


  • Dynamic Curriculum: Combine your medical and technical expertise with modern AI applications.
  • Engage with Keynote Speakers: Benefit from interactions with field pioneers, gaining insight into cutting-edge AI healthcare applications.
  • Special Mention: While we have a unique partnership with the Tangerine consortium, we’re open to all professionals eager to help shape advancements in AI in medicine.

What to Expect?

  • Comprehensive Grasp: By the program’s conclusion, you will possess a broad understanding of AI’s capabilities and trajectories in critical medical domains.
  • Engaging Dialogues: Engage in discussions about the latest research in radiology, pathology, and precision medicine.
  • Outcome-Centric Approach: Our course emphasizes practical knowledge and skills, designed to enhance your existing medical background and prepare you for next-generation healthcare innovations.

Join us in this enriching project and pioneer change in your professional domain, powered by AI. More information regarding schedule and keynote speakers will follow soon.

Clinical AI research group

Our group, with a track record of over three years, is dedicated to promoting education in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine. Our mission is to expand the understanding and use of artificial intelligence in the medical field. In an effort to foster an international and diverse learning environment, we collaborate with various prestigious universities worldwide. Throughout the years, we have developed and conducted numerous courses, sharing the transformative potential of AI with students, professionals, and academics. As a result, our courses are relevant and appealing to students from a wide range of disciplines.

Registration is closed.

Please note that participation in this summer school is primarily reserved for members of the Tangerine research project. Non-project partners will be placed on a waiting list until further notice.

Agenda Summer School

Full agenda will be updated soon. Download event flyer here.

Keynote speaker

  • Jakob N. Kather: AI-driven Precision Medicine
  • Stephen Gilbert: From Bias to Privacy: Legal Challenges in the Deployment of AI
  • Jakob Wittenstein: How AI can and will support intensive care physicians
  • Arsela Prelaj: AI in real world data in oncology
  • Nicoleta Antone/ Ovidiou Balascesu: The role of AI in clinical trials
  • Victor Moreno: Overview of European Projects/Tangerine
  • Julien Calderaro: AI in Pathology: New Era of Diagnostic Medicine
  • Daniel Truhn: Healing with Words – Large Language Models in Medicine
  • Sebastian Försch: From Conception to Publication: Navigating the Journey of an AI-based Research Study


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