Prof. Dr. Jochen Hampe

Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Hampe

Prof. Hampe is Director of the Department of Medicine 1 at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden and Scientific Speaker of the EKFZ for Digital Health. He has focused on endoscopic innovation and on the molecular pathogenesis of gastrointestinal and liver disorders.

Prof. Dr. med. D. Michael Albrecht

Prof. Albrecht is CEO of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden since 2002. Before, he served as Dean and as the Director of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy. He serves as the chairman oft he German Association of University Hospitals (VUD) since 2012.

Michael Albrecht Portrait im Anzug
Blonde Frau mit schwarzem Oberteil lächelt in die Kamera der Hintergrund ist verschwommen

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Esther Troost

Prof. Troost is Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the TU Dresden. She is as well Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Radiotherapy and Radiooncology and Head of the Department “Image-guided Radiotherapy” at the Institute for Radiooncology – OncoRay of the Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf as well as at OncoRay, the National Centre for Radiation Research.

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Ronald Tetzlaff

Prof. Tetzlaff is Profesor for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering at the TU Dresden and Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His scientific interests include problems in the theory of signals and systems and system modeling.

Prof. Dr. phil. Nat. Ronald Tetzlaff
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Aßmann

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Aßmann

Prof. Aßmann is Professor of Software Technology at the TU Dresden and Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences with expertise in Computer Science, Programming Languages and Software Engineering.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Speidel

Prof. Speidel is a computer scientist working at the interface of high-tech and medicine. She is Professor for Translational Surgical Oncology at NCT/UCC Dresden. She works on intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive procedures.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Speidel
Portrait Jakob N. Kather

Prof. Dr. med. Jakob N. Kather

Prof. Kather is a scientist and internist. He is Professor for Clinicial Artificial Intelligence at EKFZ for Digital Health. His research focuses on the application of artificial intelligence in cancer in clinical practice.

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