Else Kröner Professorship for Clinical Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. med. Jakob N. Kather

For the first time in Germany, a medical faculty is conducting research into how innovative medical devices can reach patient care more quickly.

Jakob Nicolas Kather

The identification of clinically relevant problems, the development of new AI methods, and the ultimate clinical testing and development of a medical device. This only works in an interdisciplinary environment with short paths and a common vision.

The internist and scientist Jakob Nikolas Kather will fill the new Else Kröner Professorship for “Clinical Artificial Intelligence” at the EKFZ for Digital Health at Dresden University of Technology. With his expertise and his team the award-winning physician will strengthen research on artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical practice.

The new professorship implements one of the main concerns of the EKFZ for Digital Health: research that goes beyond the medical disciplines and collaboration in everyday care – physicians learn programming and researchers from computer science or technical subjects learn in return to identify and solve relevant problems in the clinic.

Research group Clinicial Artificial Intelligence

We are a young, interdisciplinary group of scientists using computational methods to decipher cancer. Our main tools are Artificial Intelligence and Computational Modeling. We combine these tools with a clinical perspective on cancer genomics, targeted treatment and immunotherapy. Our clinical focus is gastrointestinal cancer, including cancer of the bowel, stomach, liver and pancreas. To learn more about our research, have a look at our featured publications.


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group picture research group for clinical AI in front of EKFZ building


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