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Medical ultrasound has transformed diagnosis and management in all areas of clinical medicine. However, current ultrasound imaging has limited spatial resolution, depends on bulky devices and is highly user dependend. HybridEcho is an interdisciplinary group of engineers, computer scientists and physicians working on methods and technologies to resolve these issues.

With our research group we cover the complete area of medical ultrasound, from transducer development over signal design to advanced algorithms.

Research Group


Open Positions

This section will be updated regularly with open positions. If you would like to inquire more about possible opportunities within our group please contact Moritz Herzog.

We have open positions for students (engineering, computer science and medicine) as SHK or for Bachelor-/Master-/Diplomathesis in the following areas:

  • Signal design for ultrasonic imaging, including support in the theoretical design and experimental validation.
  • Implementation of imaging algorithms in an FPGA.
  • AI-based analysis of ultrasonic raw data.
  • Usability studies of clinical ultrasound.
  • Simulation of acoustic metamaterials.

For all areas, we do not require specific knowledge beforehand, since most of the required skills are usually learned while working on the problem.


Writing groups for theses
Development of measurement set ups
Advisor druing closing days of the kindergarten
Christmas Party at the EKFZ
Prototyping with 3D Printer, Lasercuter, CNC and more
sightseeing during a congress
REWE Teamchallenge
Hospitations in the endscopy and ultrasound departement
Robotic Measurement Set Up
Hands-on Journal CLub

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