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Dresden Science Night 2024

14 June 2024
5:00 pm

University Hospital Dresden | house 27 (DINZ) | Fetscherstr. 74 in 01307 Dresden

Meet our scientists at the Dresden Science Night 2024 and learn more about medical innovations, human-machine interfaces and bioelectric signals as well as the approval process of medical devices.

All eyes on medical innovation and regulation

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Explore human-machine interfaces and experience bioelectric signals

You will learn more about human-machine-interfaces. Try out a 3D-printed robotic arm and experience bioelectrical signal detection and transmission on your own body. We use conductive hydrogels for the application of bioelectronic devices. In an experiment, you can explore the properties of this polymer network swollen with water. Our aim is to improve the treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system.

Regulatory Race: approval of medical devices

Medical devices are pacemakers as well as digital health apps. In order for these products to be used by and on patients, there are numerous regulations to comply with and extensive documentation and clinical data to ensure that the product is safe and effective. Find out how the medical device gets from the lab to the clinic. In an interactive game, you will learn about the main steps in the authorization process up to market launch.


Program for the Science Night

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