Portrait Vasil Kostin
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EKFZ | Lecture with Vasil Kostin

13 September 2023
4:00 pm

CRTD | Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden
Fetscherstr. 105 | 1st floor | room 2.310

Speaker invited by Prof. Stephen Gilbert

Navigating the path from medical research to start-up: A Student’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

Personal journey of medical student from research to start-up with a unique mix of challenges and opportunities. This seminar is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone with a keen interest in medical start-ups. You can expect to see a personal roadmap from setting the idea into a minimum viable product.

Vasil Kostin is a 6th year medical student at Third Faculty of Medicine – Charles University with focus on HealthTech and AI in Ophthalmology. He is the co-founder of Wrest and he will show his personal pathway on building a startup that got to Forbes 30 under 30 Czechia, chosen by Bits & Pretzels as TOP 100 startups in Europe or one of the startups that was chosen to present on Web Summit in Lisbon this year.

Seminar will go one step further and highlight the role of startup accelerators – the driving forces that bring new ideas to commercial success. You’ll learn how these accelerators provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and essential resources to accelerate growth.

Throughout the seminar, the focus remains unwavering on the practical side of things and the success factors that pave the way to thrive in the competitive world of medical entrepreneurship. The ability to overcome challenges, change direction based on feedback, collaborate across disciplines, and persist.

Join us for an engaging exploration of the entrepreneurial journey cutting through the fog with full true experience, fails and fuckups along Vasil’s way at the intersection of medicine, business, and technology. Your questions and curiosity are more than welcome.

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