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Clinician Digital
Trialist Program

A program for clinicians at Dresden University Hospital who are interested in designing and managing AI-powered clinical trials and translating research findings into clinical practice in oncology.

Call for Clinician Digital Trialists

General Information

We propose a “Digital Clinical Trialist program” in cooperation with the NCT/UCC Dresden with a focus on AI and bioinformatics in oncology to enable new clinical trials of computer-based interventions in oncology. The program is geared towards training clinician scientists to design and manage AI-powered clinical trials and translate research findings into clinical practice in oncology.

The “Digital Clinical Trialist program” will empower its participants to be at the forefront of transformative changes in oncology research and clinical practice, helping them become leaders in the implementation of AI-powered interventions and fostering innovation in cancer care.

The participants will attend seminars, educational events and will perform research projects in affiliated research groups to build a diverse skill set in the following topics:

  • Digital Health Technologies & AI
  • Data Science, Bioinformatics & AI
  • Clinical Trial Design & Management
  • Translational Research
  • Practical Experience
  • Ethics & Regulation
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Clinical Trialists are selected from the pool of interested clinicians and are to be granted a 6-month release from clinical duties by their respective clinical director. During this time, they will engage in research and learning activities in an interdisciplinary tandem with the members of the Kather Research Group.


NCT Dresden Logo
  • Contact: EKFZ Project Office
  • Telephone: 0351 458 – 18589
  • E-Mail:
  • NCT/UCC Dresden Coordination
  • Telephone 0351 458 – 3371
  • E-Mail

Funding Information

Funding Criteria

The program will be offered to clinicians in training who are currently employed by the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus. The contract has to be valid over the whole 6-month release. The full release of the clinician from clinical obligations for active research for 6 months must be assured in writing by the respective clinical department. The interested clinician must state his/her motivation for working in the program in the CV. Furthermore, a detailed description of the intended project content and goals related to the topics above has to be provided.

Funding Framework

The funding is based on the following framework:

  • Funding will be provided for 6 months for 1 FTE (Full-time equivalent)
  • Clinical trialists are paid by NCT/UCC Dresden according to their current payment and up to an amount of 50 k € for 6 months
  • Possible starting dates are: 01.06.24 or 01.07.24
  • Two positions open for funding
  • Research activities are taking place in the Kather Research Group.
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