Clinicum Digitale 2022

Shaping Innovative Medicine of the Future Together

Digitization in medicine – this hurdle can only be overcome jointly by physicians, engineers and computer scientists. Interdisciplinarity is the keyword and this was put into practice at the Springschool Clinicum Digitale from March 28 to April 1.

37 students from the faculties of medicine, computer science, mathematics and economics and engineering gained insights into the other disciplines in workshops, seminars, discussions and lectures on the topic of innovative medicine of the future. Medical students learned the basics of programming with Python, technical mechanics and electrical engineering. Non-medical students learned the basics of anatomy and human body functions and applied the knowledge in the ABC scheme.

Hands-on MedTech and AI

After the basic courses, it was time for “Hands-On AI” and “Hands-On MedTech.” In interactive and hands-on courses, students programmed an artificial intelligence for image processing, built a humidity sensor for potted plants, and learned about various specializations in biomedical engineering. It is the application of technologies in practice that leads to innovation. Therefore, the topics of regulatory affairs and company formation were also highlighted. The students got very close to research during the project café, where numerous research groups of the Else Kröner Fresenius Center presented their work and the students had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the researchers.

Time was deliberately scheduled in the curriculum for the joint exchange of experience and knowledge, including during excursions and at the table soccer tournament and billiards game in the Green Salon. The interdisciplinary exchange between students and lecturers was continued in greater depth at the evening in the Bärenzwinger and at one point or another they even chatted out of the closet.

The Springschool Clinicum Digitale is intended to encourage students to make new contacts beyond their field of expertise and to implement ideas on existing problems in medicine in their own multiprofessional projects. Through collaboration between high-tech and medicine, we promote the pioneers of innovative medicine.

The Clinicum Digitale will take place again in 2023. We will publish all information here in due time.

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