Clinicum Digitale 2024

This year’s Clinicum Digitale, at the end of March, was once again an inspiring forum for exchanging ideas and learning more about innovations in digital health. Hosted by the EKFZ for Digital Health, it builds a bridge between medicine and high-tech during the studies. The Clinicum Digitale excites students about collaborating across different subjects early in their scientific careers. The two-week Spring School offers a broad mix of seminars, discussions, hands-on workshops and social events to the almost 40 participants. The research-oriented course introduces the fundamentals of each other’s disciplines. It is a place to network, discover future research areas and explore innovative healthcare solutions.


Captivating Talks

Prof. Martin Wagner introduced the fascinating world of AI assistance systems and tactile internet in surgery. In particular, he explained the (further) development of the Da Vinci surgical robot and how these technologies can help to support surgeons in their learning process and improve their skills.

Prof. Sven Engesser gave insights into the role of AI tools in science and communication. He presented an overview of the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT in medicine. He further discussed the opportunities and risks of this technology and highlighted current applications in medical research and communication.

Prof. Markus Riemenschneider shared his inspiring story about the challenges and successes in developing his medical technology start-up for EEG devices. His journey exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the medical technology industry.

HandsOn MedTech: Insights into research groups

The event provided many chances to experience medical technology devices firsthand. Research groups showcased their work and allowed attendees to test devices from the projects HybridEcho, NGScopes, and ENT technology.

Start your Start-Up: Ideas competition and pitch

One of the highlights of the event was the “Start your Start-Up” ideas competition. Small groups developed their own start-up ideas and presented them to the other participants. They pitched their innovative medical technology concepts and had the chance to win a small prize.


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