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Digitization is also ubiquitous in medicine and has enormous potential for better patient care and a smarter medical workplace. Digital health and medicine is a vast field without a common definition. The EKFZ for Digital Health focuses on bringing innovative medical digital technologies to the patient interface. Implementing for e.g. intelligent sensors, wireless communication, robotics and machine learning into routine care requires more than the underlying technology. An accompanying structure for ethical, regulatory and evidence-based questions is crucial. This is why the EKFZ supports innovative projects from basic research until successful implementation at the patient’s bedside.

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The EKFZ for Digital Health supports Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects (IIPs) in the different fields. IIP funds are institutional seed funds designed to quickly build new collaborations and test new ideas. IIPs support the road to a “proof-of-concept” that allows these teams to go on to acquire third-party or industry funds to translate their ideas into clinical practice.

Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects on digital health technologies to address a medical need (IIP_MedTech) deal with noval digital health technologies in the field of robotics & coworking, sensors, implants & devices and connected care and support teams of physicians and high-tech specialists.

Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects on societal impact of digital health technologies (IIP_Social) support ideas with a focus on the humanities and social sciences in order to develop the topic of digital health in a holistic way.

Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects addressing health economic aspects of digital health technologies (IIP_Economic) contribute to a successful implementation of new digital health technologies into routine care. They consider topics such as demand orientation, user centricity and added-value of digital health solutions.

The EKFZ functions as an accelerator for the local eHealth network. To make digital health work and to strive for excellence, we need to overcome the traditional boundaries of medicine, engineering and computer science and establish a new structured research interdisciplinarity. With regular symposia, multiplier and public events and workshops the EKFZ strengthens the eHealth network in Dresden and Saxony. This contributes to a lively and interactive eHealth network on the Dresden campus.

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