Clinician Scientists and High Tech Talents provide insight into their research field(s).

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Get insights in scientist’s research basics

For one’s own research progress, it can be advantageous to gain a deeper insight into the research activities of other projects. An examination of the relevant technical background is essential for this. This is precisely why the EKFZ Talentschmiede was established. Clinician scientists and high-tech talents of the interdisciplinary innovation projects at the EKFZ give an insight into their field and present the medical and technical basics of their project in 20-30 minute inputs.

Key Facts

Mondays, 17:00

Hybrid event

Interested people welcome

Be part of it

The EKFZ-Talentschmiede  always takes place on a Monday, starting at 5:00 p.m., currently in a hybrid version. Online dates are freely accessible via Zoom, face-to-face dates require registration. In order to get the login details, to be informed in the future about the event format and updates on the lectures or general updates from the EKFZ, you can subscribe to the mailing list for the EKFZ-Talentschmiede. For further information please contact Patrick Melzer.